our mission


At Key Collegiate, we believe that every student—regardless of socioeconomic background, race, zip code, or home language—can and will excel when provided with a rigorous, college preparatory education. To this end, we believe:


1. Curriculum must be both rigorous and engaging.

With differentiated supports, all students can excel.

2. Structure allows for learning. 

A structured and joyful culture sets the foundation for student achievement.

3. Literacy is everything. 

A literacy-intensive curriculum prepares our students to become lifelong learners.

4. Soft skills matter. 

A focus on professional habit development is necessary for college and career readiness.

5. Data drives decisions. 

Enhancing student learning requires frequent data-driven assessment, analysis, and action.

6. It takes a village. 

Support from families and the community are critical for student success.

7. High-quality teaching produces strong academic results. 

Good teaching demands regular coaching, feedback, and practice.