frequently asked questions

+ Where are we located?

We are located in the heart of Brownsville, Brooklyn. Our address is 257 Chester Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212, between Blake Avenue and Dumont Avenue. We are accessible via the 3 Train (Rockaway Avenue stop) and the B60 Bus (Rockaway and Blake Ave stop).

+ What are our hours and when does the school year begin & end?

Our doors open for breakfast at 7:45am. The school day begins at 8:00am. Students are dismissed at 4:00pm, Monday through Thursday, and 1:00pm on Fridays.

+ Why 4th-8th grade?

We strategically selected to open a 4th-8th grade school in Brownsville based on three reasons:

1. Because you asked! Families in the community asked for better options for their middle-aged students. We heard you and want to do just that.

2. More time = stronger relationships. This allows us to work with students for 5 years—to get to know their strengths and challenges, as well as to build relationships with them and their families.

3. There is strong data behind a 4th grade start helping to combat the "fourth grade slump." Around fourth grade is when students transition from "learning to read" to "reading to learn. If a student is not strong in literacy, this is time when their academic performance may experience a slump or decline. Our goal is to intervene during this time so that students can excel.

+ What makes Key Collegiate unique?

  • College Prep Curriculum

Our curriculum is geared towards preparing students for success in high school and college. Their learning goals are set so they are ready for Algebra 1 in 8 th grade and AP classes in high school. Students take college visits each year to begin thinking about their futures and to develop a strong understanding of what college will look and feel like.

  • Extended Learning Time

With an extended school day and school year, our students have more time in class to ensure they are performing at or above grade level.

  • Hyper-focus on Literacy & Math

We offer 125 minutes of math and 175 minutes of literacy instruction every day; we use this time for small group work and individual personalized learning opportunities.

  • Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts elective introduces all studenst to the arts—reading music, singing, dancing, improv, and theatre. We believe that Performing Arts provides students with an opportunity to be both expressive and active while developing a a positive outlet and important life skills (such as teamwork, confidence, focus, dedication, and public speaking).

  • Personalized Learning with a 1:1 Student Laptop Model

In order to meet each student where he or she is, we provide them with their own laptop that is equipped with programs and software to support them in their learning processes. Students will use their laptops daily to practice math, science, reading, and writing, while simultaneously challenging them to become independent thinkers and problem-solvers.

  • Family and Community Engagement

We are dedicated to building strong relationships with our families. Families receive weekly updates on their child's academic performance, progress and behavior. We also send out weekly newsletter, The KEYNOTE, with school-wide announcements and notices.Each month, we host a Town Hall celebration where we celebrate our students for different things and put on events and performances; parents are invited and we always have a great turn out! At the end of each term, we host Report Card Nights with families to discuss their child progress and share what they will be learning the next term. The goal of these events is to update families on their child's strengths and areas of growth and chart a path forward, together.

+ What is a charter school?

A charter school is a public school. Any student in New York City—regardless of zip-code, family income, previous achievement, or learning disability—is eligible to attend to Key Collegiate. There is no tuition or application requirement, other than being a New York City resident.

Unlike traditional district schools, however, we have autonomy over our budget, our staffing, and school programming. We can ensure that more of the public funds we receive go directly to the education of our students. We have the autonomy to recruit, develop and retain the very best teachers for our school. We also have the privilege and capacity to decide how to use our school time and to build a curriculum that best fits the unique needs of the students in our building. It is this autonomy that has allowed us to have over 150 minutes a day dedicated to both literacy and math, as well as to offer coding into our daily curriculum.

In exchange for our autonomy, we are given higher forms of accountability. First, we are accountable to our families. All our families CHOOSE to send their children to Key Collegiate; therefore, we will ensure all our families have a voice and feel ownership of our school. Secondly, we are held accountable by a Board of Trustees made up of community leaders. They serve as the governing body overseeing our school’s budget, policies, and performance. Finally, we are held accountable by the district and state. We take the same standardized state assessments, and we report our students’ performance just like every public school in our city and state.

+ How do I apply?

Click here to learn about our application & enrollment process.